Who We Are

Nahid Giga, Co-Founder
Nahid is responsible for driving the overall development and execution of o2o’s strategy. With over 15 years experience working with global telecom, media and publishers, Nahid pays close attention to trends that create opportunities for o2o’s partners. You can reach Nahid at ngiga@o2ointeractive.com or follow him on twitter at @ngiga.
Jeff Porter, Co-Founder
Jeff has been developing products and services in the technology and local search and discovery space for over 15 years. Jeff leads product strategy and product development for o2o Interactive and is based in Denver, CO. You can reach Jeff at jporter@o2ointeractive.com or on Twitter at @jhporte.
Scott Ellis, VP, Marketing
Scott has been helping SMB’s and Enterprises get the most from web, social, mobile and local technologies for 15 years. Scott is the head of Marketing for o2o Interactive and is based out of Dallas, TX. You can reach Scott at sellis@o2ointeractive.com or on twitter @vsellis.
Abishai Gray, Director, UXP
Abishai has over 8 years web and mobile development experience, specializing in front-end technologies. Abishai now leads all aspects of UXP awesomeness from his home base in Denver, CO. You can reach Abishai at agray@o2ointeractive.com or on Twitter @linkabi9.
Ryan Johnson, Director, Engineering
Ryan has over 16 years experience as a software developer and system administrator for Solaris and Linux systems with a strong focus in server and web application scalability and security. You can reach Ryan at ryan@o2ointeractive.com.

We are results driven.

At o2o we don’t “do projects” in the traditional sense. We prefer to build partnerships with companies around innovative ideas that address opportunities across the entire purchase funnel. We’re always thinking about mobile, local, and social and subscribe to the lean start-up “build-measure-learn” methodology.

If you’re interested in working with o2o Interactive, have an interest in partnering with us, or just want to bat around innovative ideas in the Social/Local/Mobile space please contact us.


o2o is looking for talent with expertise in Social, Local and Mobile industries. If you’re interested in working with cutting edge technologies at a forward thinking company contact us to see if you might be a good fit at o2o and if o2o is a good fit for you!