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Manage Your Loyalty Program

Through Engage, publishers can take the hassle out of managing loyalty programs for their advertisers, keeping advertisers focused on building relationships with their customers and driving new business.


Track Customer Profiles

Knowing customers is challenging but Engage makes it easy by giving advertisers the tools to gather information and know them better than ever. With Engage your business advertisers can track customer favorites, understand visitation patterns, keep customer profiles and reconnect with customers that were lost or haven’t visited in a long time.


Build Customer Relationships

By taking the hassle out of managing, combining and keeping track of loyalty cards for customers, Engage creates a better loyalty experience for any business. Engage also gives businesses the ability to create and share special offers and deals with their loyal customers, driving more visits and keeping them at the front of their customers mind, and the publishers they advertise with at the front of theirs.



Engage gives publishers the power to help businesses build stronger relationships with their customers and drive more business by getting to know their customers better, rewarding loyal customers and reconnecting with customers they haven’t seen in awhile.

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