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Manage Content

For publishers, managing a business’s digital content across multiple channels can be a complex task. Emerge simplifies that process through an easy to use administration tool, so information can be managed in one place and shared anywhere digital content is consumed.


Syndicate Content

The ability to share content is central feature of Emerge. Business information like name, location, hours and even multi-media can be shared to web sites, local search engines, and other digital channels. By providing Emerge to merchants, publishers can give them the power to manage their business’s digital profile. Merchants can keep their profile current and publish updates instantly keeping fresh content in front of consumers.


Create and Share Promotions

In addition to sharing a business’s profile information, Emerge allows publishers (and merchants) to create and share deals, offers and coupons meaning information can be tracked in one place.



Emerge allows publishers the ability to simplify the task of managing and sharing business content across digital channels for merchants. Through Emerge, multi-location businesses can maintain a consistent look and feel while allowing the individual locations the appropriate degree of flexibility. And by simplifying their workflow, publishers and their merchants can be sure that consumers are getting accurate, up-to-date information so they aren’t losing opportunities due to out-of-date content.

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