Mobile And The Purchase Funnel

o2o-mobile-purchase-funnelIf you were here for the first wave of disruption you will remember the original competitive channel dynamic—brick-and-mortar vs. the Internet.

Roughly a decade later, mobility is upping the level of customer engagement via a medium that is personal, context sensitive and social. The high-speed integration of mobile devices into the customer purchasing journey,  for both content and commerce, resulted in the 2012 shift to “multi-screen” thinking, which we expect to dramatically accelerate in 2013.

The purchase funnel is now a context-sensitive matrix that weaves reality and digital into a pattern that moves between the online and offline no matter where the customer is or what device they are using.

For multi-channel retailers, this means the “click” that they’ve spent the last decade mastering will be replaced with more varied and intelligent means of connecting with customers along every step of the purchase funnel, online and offline, since customers will move quickly, entering and exiting at any point along the way.

If you’re thinking this just got really complicated, you’re right, and it’s one of the challenges that o2o is solving with Congruence.

For retailers not yet paying attention to mobile, what possible mobile customer activities and opportunities are being missed?

  • Using mobility to create stronger customer engagement and drive greater loyalty
  • On-device purchases with scheduled in-store pickup
  • Engaging your customers before, during and after their store visit
  • Connecting with potential customers nearby
  • Sharing of “liked” products via social networks
  • Keeping more and better information on your customers
  • Re-connecting with lost or long dormant customers
  • Real-time promotions
  • Understanding how context affects your customers buying decisions
  • Product review lookups on your store’s mobile site and on product review aggregator sites
  • In-store searches for inventory and size availability
  • QR code or barcode scanning for product information, browsing, and purchasing
  • Product comparisons to competitor’s alternatives
  • Checking-in to your store
  • Using your mobile app while in-store
  • Real-time engagement with friends and family for advice on purchase decisions
  • Digital coupons
  • Restaurants ridding themselves of printed menus and being able to syndicate that content to all appropriate channels
  • …and the list goes on

If you would like to learn more about what o2o is doing to solve these and other challenges in the retail industry subscribe to the blog or drop us a line, we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

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