How Online Marketplaces Build Community

Grand Palace by Night - Brussels

Humans are social creatures by nature. And if the explosion of social media has taught us anything, it’s that we’re willing to give up a lot to connect with others, including personal information. Once upon a time, we gathered in town squares, and the marketplaces grew up around us because that’s where the people were. […]

Adding new features is (not) hard


The software being built to approve your healthcare plans is unable to handle variations in billing premiums based on a person’s age, if that person is a smoker. Earlier this week a request came in from a potential Handbid client; the ability to charge tax on a per item basis. The catch was, the […]

SMB Marketing, Search vs Social


SMB’s are already pressed for time. So when it comes to digital marketing, should they focus on search marketing or social media marketing?

3 Digital Marketing Mistakes SMB’s Must Avoid


As SMB’s prepare to ramp up spending for digital marketing they must be careful to avoid these three pitfalls.

Local Business, And the Internet of Things

infographic of the internet of thigns

Changes in technology and the internet of things are coming at us faster than ever with significant implications to local businesses & media companies.

How To Add Real Value To Local Advertising

o2o-what we-do_mini

The disconnect in local advertising between ad providers and SMB’s is a significant opportunity for platform providers & publishers to win at local.

In B2B, You’re Only Relevant To Your Customer If You’re Relevant To Theirs


As we get closer to the launch of the o2o platform, I’ve been thinking about a key philosophical concept of product development that is an important differentiator for any B2B business. You’re only relevant to your customer if you’re relevant to theirs. While your customers customer may never know who you are, by understanding their […]

Simple Online Strategies For Offline To Online Businesses Marketing


If I were to ask you for an example of marketing to customers in a way that illustrates the customer journey between online and offline, what example would you give me? I occasionally ask this question when talking to people because it gives me a sense of how well they already understand the concepts behind […]

Transaction Redefined – 5 Ways To Convert Customers


Most businesses think of transactions only as money exchanged for goods or services. But that point of view means you may be leaving a lot on the table.

Why Most Stand Alone Loyalty Products Will Fail

Loyalty Apps

The value of customer loyalty can’t be overstated but the vast majority of stand alone loyalty apps will fail for a few simple reasons.